The Original Rotterdam Way!

Rotterdam Adventures shows Rotterdam from her best side . The city that is announced 'Best City of Europe " by the British Academy of Urbanism and belongs to the rough GUID ' Top 10 Cities to See ."You visit the beautiful buildings and the hidden gems of the city.

We find the journey just as important as the destination. The professional guide tells you about the history of the city, its residents and the harbor. We stop where others would pass , we're going off the beaten track, through Original Rotterdam! We visit the Central Station, the Market Hall, the Cube Houses, the White House and of course the SS Rotterdam. Old and new icons of the city.

All tours of course got its own surprises. For the more adventurous we have a City Game called So you Think You Know Rotterdam!? An interactive Battle Quest with games, puzzles en and activities that will challenge all your senses. After a great tour we end the day with a sunset on the river. We enjoy a delicious glass and snackand look back on an extraordinary day.

Robert van Stigt Thans, Rotterdam Adventures


Robert van Stigt Thans, Owner/Guide